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Welcome to the March edition of The Waterline News, first quarter of the year gone already. We are very pleased this month to welcome two new major sponsors (advertisers) to The Waterline News, The Bendigo Bank and Newhaven College.  Along with all of our loyal advertisers, we urge you to give them your support wherever possible. Thanks to all contributors who helped to make this month’s edition one of the most interesting reads we have ever had. All of the usual Community news and events are there for you as well, the ones we received anyway. Coming up next month we have two special features, a historical report on the Chicory industry on Phillip Island, and a story on the life of Dr Eric (Tim) Ealey, who turns 90 later this month, see a brief note on page 23. We hope you all have a very Happy Easter, take care on the roads, we don’t want you to miss next month’s edition.
editor - Roger Clark

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